Winter Park Sidewalk Art Show 2019 March 15-17

My retirement from outdoor art shows is my priority now.
After 35 years as an exhibitor in these outdoor venues , I'm going to be only a spectator/patron at this weekend's art show. For the first time, I'll be able to walk through an entire show to see all of the art on display.
Hopefully the weekend will be a successful one for all of the artists!
Maybe I'll see you strolling around, so be sure to stop me to say hello.


Miniature art is exhibited in specialty shows hosted by art organizations, galleries and dedicated miniature art groups around the country. Artwork is usually held to a number of strict rules governing size of artwork, frame size and scale of the image among other things. Quality of the works is usually very high in every medium.
I entered a show in Baltimore, MD, that gave me a second place award, and another one in Washington, D.C. that gave me a second place award in Graphic Arts. What a pleasure to be able to exhibit my work in juried indoor shows. I'll continue to enter these shows which have high standards but low stress for the artist. Please let me know if there is a show I should be aware of in your area.


I've danced around the retirement decision for enough time so that you might be tired of hearing it already. But this is THE time to say "no more", not nevermore, at least for near future.
After 33 years doing outdoor art shows, burnout is inevitable, creative energy needs to be recharged. Eyes and hands need a sabbatical. Please keep me in the loop when you can, and on your walls as well. I will keep posting new work on this site. Feel free to contact me as well for new purchases and for gift items.


Lily of the Valley etching

Spring is beginning in my part of Central Florida. In bloom are the azaleas, lavender and yellow tabebeuia, and flame vine among others.
The ELIZABETH MAGNOLIA in my backyard has opened its pale yellow blossoms before the leaves fill in. This tree is somewhat outside its southern range in the climatic zone here, but it's been thriving for more than two decades. The blooms don't last too long because of the hotter temperatures now, but the tree is a beautiful cloud outside my window. My Elizabeth Magnolia, a variety developed by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, came to me as a small potted sample, a benefit of my membership after I moved to Orlando.

Well, LILY OF THE VALLEY is not one of the hardy plants in my spring planting zone. Much to my regret. Because many of my images don't grow in Orlando, I have to create a space in my artwork so that I can revisit them many times during the year. These favorites become my perennial icons regardless of planting zone or season!


Trumpet Vine

Another addition to my ongoing Antiques Flower Series is the Trumpet Vine, also known as trumpet creeper. Botanically named "campsis radicans," the vine is found mostly in the southeastern U.S. naturalized in fields and woody areas.
The plant will climb up to 10 feet high in a spectacular color bloom in summer.
Bloom color will range from cadmium orange to a dark reddish orange. I've decided to depict the flower in a deeper orange color to emphasize the dramatic showy clusters.

THE FOUR SEASONS ETCHING SERIES - Cancelled plates available

The Four Seasons etching series combines seasonal botanical images with a central seasonal landscape. Each one is depicted as a 4" x 6" image with line etching, acquatint, embossing, and colored inks. The plates are cut into three sections, with the outer part showcasing seasonal foliage, the crescent shaped part depicting the sky, and the inner part showing a landscape with a border of other plants. There are 16 different colors of etching inks used to complete the four images.

As of April 2015, printing is complete for all four editions of the seasons and the plates are now cancelled (corners cut off). They have each been framed accompanied by the last piece in each edition #50/50. Framing is unfinished pale poplar wood with a museum rag mat.
The price for the framed set of four is $1,400, shipping and tax are extra. The set of four with mats but no frames is $1,225. Look under the "Etchings" tab to view the images in the series. I do have photos of the framed pieces I can send, but they will have some reflections from the plate and the glass. Please send any questions using the email contact on this site.

Please contact me if you are interested in buying one of 'Seasons.'