Sunset on New Year's Day 2018

New Year's Day 2018 sunset Florida

Sunrise escaped me for some reason on this first day of 2018. But this day had one of the spectacular sunsets that we see in the winter in Florida. Overlaying the gorgeous movement of colors as the evening rolled in were jet contrails drawing white gestures across the sky.
Happy New Year to everyone, a late greeting, I know, but I've been busy looking at the sky.


"Beach Flowers" etching

Cold temperatures and heavy snow have settled into many parts of the US this winter. So a beach scene is in order to warm up the season, with flowers, of course.
"Beach Flowers" highlights the gaillardia flowers that blanket many seashore areas on the east coast, giving the blooms one of their common names....blanket flower. I've created the image as an etching with added watercolor, sized at about 5"h x 4"w. A "cozy" place.


Chain of Parks award 2017

The 2017 Chain of Parks Art Festival in Tallahassee gave me an Award of Distinction this year!! After over 30 years of doing outdoor art festivals, awards are always a surprise. Recognition of my work in this way has given me encouragement to continue exploring the subjects that have been my focus over all these years...botanical imagery, landscapes, and, in general, the natural world. In retrospect, these images represent the theme and variations, rhythm and counterpoint I see in the landscapes around us.

So, here again, the retirement question comes up. Am I going to do any more outdoor shows? Right now the answer is "maybe with no specific schedule in mind". Certainly, the Chain of Parks show and the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival are on my calendar for 2018. I'll wait and see if I decide to do others, and I'll post them here in the future along with new images.


Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Award winner WPSAF 2017

The 2017 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival awarded me the $5,000 Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Award. The piece they selected is the image described in my post below...."Roots." What an amazing honor!! I am so pleased that the judges felt that my etching of a live oak tree fit the philosophy of the Foundation and its endeavors. Naturally, I'm still overwhelmed by receiving this prize. The photo is of the Foundation President David Odahowski and me. Plus the ribbon, of course.

So, I guess this wasn't my last art show. I'll be at this show again next year. Perhaps I'll also do a few more shows here and there as the spirit moves me. If I do, the shows will be posted here. Or if you wish to be on my email list, send me the information and a message through the contact link above.

My thanks to everyone who came to my booth at the show and purchased a piece of my artwork. I hope it gives you as much joy as I had in creating it.


For some time now, I have been sharing thoughts of sabbatical, time out, retirement from shows (oh no!). This spring there will be two shows I will do as you see in the listings to the right. After that, I'm not sure in which direction I will go. After 32 years of doing art shows, it's time to branch out (no pun) into other fun projects. However, painting will continue to be a big part of my fun. Just maybe not so many shows. Or maybe just one every so often. Or maybe not any shows at all anymore given the physical toll it is taking.

Kindly make the trek to see me at these (so far) last two outdoor art shows I will do. If you'd like to make a purchase, there will be some specials (please remind me I said this) and some hugs too.

Certainly I will miss all of my many longtime customers and friends who gave me encouragement and support over the years. Please do keep in touch through this website, or emails and phone calls. New Images will continue to be posted here too.

THE FOUR SEASONS ETCHING SERIES - Cancelled plates available

The Four Seasons etching series combines seasonal botanical images with a central seasonal landscape. Each one is depicted as a 4" x 6" image with line etching, acquatint, embossing, and colored inks. The plates are cut into three sections, with the outer part showcasing seasonal foliage, the crescent shaped part depicting the sky, and the inner part showing a landscape with a border of other plants. There are 16 different colors of etching inks used to complete the four images.

As of April 2015, printing is complete for all four editions of the seasons and the plates are now cancelled (corners cut off). They have each been framed accompanied by the last piece in each edition #50/50. Framing is unfinished pale poplar wood with a museum rag mat.
The price for the framed set of four is $1,400, shipping and tax are extra. The set of four with mats but no frames is $1,225. Look under the "Etchings" tab to view the images in the series. I do have photos of the framed pieces I can send, but they will have some reflections from the plate and the glass. Please send any questions using the email contact on this site.

Please contact me if you are interested in buying one of 'Seasons.'