Lily of the Valley etching

Spring is beginning in my part of Central Florida. In bloom are the azaleas, lavender and yellow tabebeuia, and flame vine among others.
The ELIZABETH MAGNOLIA in my backyard has opened its pale yellow blossoms before the leaves fill in. This tree is somewhat outside its southern range in the climatic zone here, but it's been thriving for more than two decades. The blooms don't last too long because of the hotter temperatures now, but the tree is a beautiful cloud outside my window. My Elizabeth Magnolia, a variety developed by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, came to me as a small potted sample, a benefit of my membership after I moved to Orlando.

Well, LILY OF THE VALLEY is not one of the hardy plants in my spring planting zone. Much to my regret. Because many of my images don't grow in Orlando, I have to create a space in my artwork so that I can revisit them many times during the year. These favorites become my perennial icons regardless of planting zone or season!