For some time now, I have been sharing thoughts of sabbatical, time out, retirement from shows (oh no!). This spring there will be two shows I will do as you see in the listings to the right. After that, I'm not sure in which direction I will go. After 32 years of doing art shows, it's time to branch out (no pun) into other fun projects. However, painting will continue to be a big part of my fun. Just maybe not so many shows. Or maybe just one every so often. Or maybe not any shows at all anymore given the physical toll it is taking.

Kindly make the trek to see me at these (so far) last two outdoor art shows I will do. If you'd like to make a purchase, there will be some specials (please remind me I said this) and some hugs too.

Certainly I will miss all of my many longtime customers and friends who gave me encouragement and support over the years. Please do keep in touch through this website, or emails and phone calls. New Images will continue to be posted here too.