"Roots" hand painted etching.

"Roots" is an image I have had in my mind's eye since childhood. Whenever I was in a park or on a hike in the mountains, I had the idea that these tall, very old, trees always would be there on my next expedition. As I grew older, this symbol of continuity became more certain for me when other events in life became less so. So, 'roots' can mean reliability, grounding, wisdom, family, ancestors, security, or whatever you can point to as an anchor in your life.

A different oak inspired my original idea, but the particular tree I chose is the Live Oak, Quercus virginiana, with limbs that will reach out no matter how gnarled and wrinkled. Its height can reach 60 feet and limbs can spread to over 50 feet. Indeed a spectacular shade tree. Each year this tree loses many leaves to make room for new ones. And did I mention thousands of acorns and flowers to sweep up? An evergreen tree, the Live Oak is found mostly in the southern coastal plain of the US and along the Gulf Coast to Mexico.

I created the image as an original limited edition etching. After hand printing it on an etching press, I used watercolors and acrylics to complete the rendering in paint. Details can be found under the Etchings tab above.